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Jamie          Sanchez

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Jamie Sanchez, artist, author, composer and rapper, originally named Lorenzo Giombolini Sanchez, was born in Rome, Italy, in 1986. With an Italian/American father and a Hispanic/Algerian mother, his crossbreeding sowed from his childhood an opening to different cultures. Very early, he lives in Brooklyn and grows up between America, Italy and France. His stage name is evident, ‘cause it was the nickname that the "elders" of his Brooklyn Bed-Stuy neighborhood gave him. This place is the starting point and the crucial epicenter of his artistic growing till today. Far beyond the cliché of current American rap, he soaked up this Hip-Hop atmosphere and started rapping: everything became a challenge and the quality of his freestyle inspired the respect of young people and legends. A motivation, which became a real vocation, from the age of 16, he began his musical projects in a more professional setting, in various languages: English, Italian and French. The codes of rap are his codes of life, and that's how he crosses the nets with his talent and his straightness. He understands very quickly that having skills is not enough to live with that passion. That's why, very attentive to his needs, he let himself be guided and trained alongside the great
institutions of the Hip-hop like Redda Black, one of Zulu King of Brooklyn whose introduce him and his friend Bdot in hist first crew JUGGAKNOTTZ at Fort-Green of the Brooklyn Bed-Stuy section and officially joined the "Jungle Lions" branch.
Because of that very strong friendship, and his overflowing energy, he founded in 2014, with BEE AY (ALMIGHTY), a motor movement of artistic truth, which will be called: "THE ARMI" (The Almighty Rebel Movement Incorporation).
Then, he sets up his own company "TCK WORLDWIDE" (TCK= third culture kid), a multicultural and completely innovative concept with the help of his faithful mate and beat-maker ESKAY ON THA TRACK.
The music comes from his guts, his " mama joke battle rap " (a rap freestyle battle), reveals a Jamie full of contrasts, with raw phrasing; rhythmic and underground, at the same time, poetic, sincere and melodious.
It also allows him to collaborate as a songwriter/composer with several artists, such as : Quarto Blocco, Troce clan, Alain Souchon, and above all, he contributes to nourish the soul of the "Team Fuego", with its very special sound. This team becomes a great network thanks to Amani Miller, his best friend and Jamie build together, all the necessary means to the fame of the Team. Their influence is getting stronger until the big names in hip-hop react. In 2017, he starts a new collaboration with the production company Vi Entertainment, in France. The GoMusic editions join them during the year 2019, to the final production come over all their expectations.
It is in February 2020, that "No Joke", extracted from his 1st EP of 4 tracks, is presented to the public with a video clip available on Youtube.
Through this single, Jamie Sanchez testifies to his musical heritage, as much by his colors, both "dark" and summer-groove, as by his Hip-Hop energy made in USA.

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